Johnny Stratford

my background

I am originally from New Zealand where my bug for all things fitness related grew into a successful sporting career, seeing me compete at the highest level in numerous sports and sporting events.

In 2002 I became a fitness instructor and started to develop experience in both individual and group training of clients. Taking my personal development further in 2004 I qualified as a personal trainer.

After a lengthy spell of injuries I decided, in 2016, to expand my skill set and knowledge base further, bettering my understanding of function and maintenance of the body, and completed the level 3 Sports Massage Therapy qualification. Having enjoyed this new challenge I immediately enrolled for the level 4.

My personal fitness journey has varied drastically over the years, from being an 80 mile a week marathon runner, training sport specifically for rugby, boxing, cycling and judo right through to body building and transformation training. This has given me a great hands-on understanding of what can be achieved and how to go about making your fitness dreams a reality.




"Johnny came round to give me a sports massage on my back as I couldn't leave the house, he managed to work wonders and really helped me become mobile again. His professional experience was clear to see and he exceeded my expectations with his knowledge and technique. I would recommend anyone suffering with muscular pain, especially back pain, to get in touch, I will definitely be seeing him again."

Rich Ellegard. April 2018

"Since witnessing first hand how hard Johnny makes people work in his Spin and Boxfit classes, I wanted a Personal Trainer that could not only motivate me but light a fire to make me work that extra bit harder to achieve my goals. Johnny not only ticked those boxes but created new ones I didn't think I needed. Without his guidance, professional advice and coaching, I would have given up on my goals and not dropped 2 stone which I wanted to do.

The work is hard but the reward that comes after is the easy part to enjoy. My mindset into fitness has changed and improved as well as my ability to focus and push through any barriers I hold against myself both physically and mentally. I would highly recommend contacting Johnny and trust me, you won't regret it!"

Kyle Springford. April 2018

"With on going issues of tightness in my calves seeing Johnny once a fortnight has kept this old man out on the golf course. I can recommend BPM for diagnosis and treatment of injury or simply for mobility and maintenance."

David Kitchiner. April 2018

"Johnny helped me get back into a suitable physical place after I had a serious motorbike accident, which left me with many broken bones, torn ligaments/tendons and muscles and severe muscle atrophy from months of being bed-bound. 

Johnny’s programme for me was tailored to my personal needs, and was constantly adjusted suitably to what I could and couldn’t do, improving my range of movement, strength and stamina. 

He’s a really great guy with a brilliant sense of humour and what seems to be a passion for helping people to improve themselves and their lifestyles, I couldn’t have done it without him and I continue work on myself with Johnny’s methods at hand. 

I can strongly recommend that anyone with any issues or even just wants professional advice on how to exercise properly and safely that they get booked in with Johnny straight away."

Oliver Graham. April 2018