In detail

Without measurable goals and a clear vision of what you want to achieve, you will never know when you have succeeded. We will help you set up ‘SMART’ goals, monitor your progression, re-assess and progress.

We offer the following Measuring services:

Services testing:

Specific fitness and strength testing for the Police, Fire Brigade and Armed Forces.

Fitness testing:

From the step up test to the bleep test, we will chose one suitable for you.

Strength testing:

Specific body parts or exercises, depending on what stage of your fitness journey you are at this can be from one rep max, ten rep max or just maximum number of press-ups or pull-ups.  We can also offer the grip test.

Flexibility testing:

Using the sit and reach test or simply measuring the range or angle of movement we can monitor and develop your flexibility.

Fitbit logging:

Your Fitbit devices will connect and share their data with the BPM app, allowing us to keep up with your progress.

Body fat measuring:

We use either the body stat 1500 machine or the Harpenden skin fold callipers to measure and monitor your body fat.

Heart and lung testing:

Blood pressure and peak flow testing can be done to keep track of the function of your heart and lungs.