In detail

As a personal trainer, all of our plans and advice are for guidance only and any advice given by a qualified nutritionist or dietitian should take precedence. The BPM app is developed by my-pt-hub which has a vast library of diet plans created by nutritional professionals.  

As well as the set diet plans, we are able to create custom plans specific to your needs. These are based on your body type and are designed following either the Harris Benedict or the Mifflin St Jeor formulas.

We offer the following nutritional services:

Nutrition plans:

A detailed plan with meal and portion size broken down to be in line with your daily calorie and macro targets.

Meal plans:

Individual meals set to your calorie and macro targets, these can be added by you to create your own nutrition plan.

Macro tracking:

This allows you to log your daily intake of calories and macros easily and simply by using our apps database or inputting your own food/portion details.

Shopping list:

The pre-set nutrition plans will fill your shopping list allowing you to easily purchase the required food for your nutrition plan, simply take the list with you on your next shopping trip to ensure you have all the required products.